Our Fund

Stand For Good is primarily a non-profit charity fund, supporting human rights and environmental issues. We are a 501(c)(3) fund managed by The Essex County Community Foundation, located in Danvers, MA. All donations are tax-deductible. Since the principal donors of The Stand For Good Fund volunteer their time and are responsible for all administrative costs associated to the fund, there is no overhead.  Every cent of your donation makes an impact.

We focus grants in four main categories:



We help organizations supply food, clothes, shelter, and other essentials to refugees of war, focusing on children and families.


We're devoted to helping end discrimination against LGBTQ Americans through financial support to youth education and counseling. 


We support organizations that promote education and tolerance and protect civil rights for all races and religions.


We support efforts to raise awareness and help slow the effects of this real and pressing issue.

In order to reach our 2017 fundraising goals, we'll be offering giveaways, organizing events, and running 'donation match' promotions throughout the year. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or join our mailing list using the form at the bottom of this page for updates.


Our Mission


We're more than just a charity fund. Stand For Good is a philosophy. We believe that people are inherently good. We want to promote kindness, charity, and goodwill in this time of uncertainty. Join the movement and share stories and acts of kindness on social media.  Make sure to hashtag #StandForGood.